As I started to intensively work and travel between Asia and Europe, since 2005, I started to constantly loose myself in what the urban anthropologist Marc Augè calls non-places.

 I felt deeply intrigued by the anonymity of their social ambiguities.


In big airports, I got willfully lost. I arrived much earlier than any of my flights, so as to randomly wander, see and feel all those crowds passing me by and, someway, passing through me, in this big alienating machine we humans have built for ourselves. I looked for glimpses of a different, cold and aseptic humanity.

It was then that I started photographing our “installations to accelerate the circulation of passengers and goods”. Quickly widening my interests to gigantic commercial malls, fast- food chains, minority peoples parks and all those artificial paradises and even transit camps, where the planet's unvoiced are timelessly parked away.

This series collects flashes of these sorceries we built for ourselves. It was possibly shoot in the hope to verbalize questions to ask to ourselves about tomorrow's pending socio-political queries.